"Beyond the great results we’ve experienced with John what I appreciate most is the incredibly fast communication and regular feedback. He’s a true partner in every sense of the word."
– Carlos Castelán, Managing Director of The Navio Group  www.thenaviogroup.com
"John was as tremendous asset to our startup. Thanks to his great work, we were featured in numerous national and global publications in our first three years bringing many visitors to our website and increasing our sales tenfold. It is not an easy task to get reporters to write about women's sexual health. John took a topic that some consider taboo and was very successful in making writers and producers see the importance of creating pelvic pain awareness and helping women all over the globe find a diagnosis and treatment." 
— Tara Langdale-Schmidt, Founder of VuVatech  www.vuvatech.com  


"John’s credo ‘no nonsense, no BS, just results’ couldn’t be more accurate! He simply gets the job done and makes life easy for his clients. Not only did John make a quick impact in getting some huge wins early on (New York Times, Washington Post, Frommer’s, to name a few), but over time, he really helped put smarTours on the map. We could not be more thankful!"  
— Greg Geronemus, co-CEO smarTours www.smartours.com
"John has had a profound and positive impact on our business.  He has become a trusted friend and advisor on all things media related.  I'd not take any steps in a new market, nor in any communications effort, without John advising my team.  He's that good."
— Joe Carter, Snyder Environmental  http://snyderenvironmental.com/
“John was absolutely indispensable to HourlyNerd’s rapid growth. With his help, we were featured in dozens of major media outlets within a few months of launching, enabling us to place second out of 150 teams in the Harvard Business School Field Venture contest, and draw more than $1 million in investor interest before we had produced $25K in revenue. I’m confident HourlyNerd would be a far smaller company today if we had not hired John.”
— Rob Biederman, co-founder of HourlyNerd  www.hourlynerd.com
“Nobody pitches stories better than John. He’s got the most extensive network in the business, and the power of persuasion to leverage it for his clients.”
— Mary Fifield, President, Mary Fifield Associates  http://www.maryfifieldassociates.com/
John does an amazing job of bringing me new story angles all the time. When we are looking for information, he’s thorough, accurate and quick. He never leaves us hanging and that means that we cover his clients more often than those of other PR people who aren’t as efficient. Even if we don’t have a story that would be a good fit right away, he always remembers to follow up.

— Jeanette Mulvey, Managing Editor, BusinessNewsDaily.com  http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/

Look up ethical and professional publicist on the web…. and you’re sure to run into John Goodman. He’s that good!”
— Henry Feintuch, President, Feintuch Communications  www.feintuchcommunications.com

John is an outstanding publicist who works with creative and outstanding authors. I am honored to read and review his client’s books.
— Fran Lewis, author & book reviewer  www.linkedin.com/in/berthaauthor

Producing  and keeping a show fresh everyday is a challenge – but John continually has compelling and unique guest and story ideas that always add a punch to our program – he’s a true professional!
– Mike Figliola, Producer: MSNBC  www.linkedin.com/pub/mike-figliola/9/214/822

“John is very creative, and I sometimes get the feeling that he’s thinking for me 24 hours a day. We love to work with ’can do’ types, and John is the epitome of that!”
– Dan Biederman, President of Biederman Redevelopment Ventures  www.brvcorp.com

“John is one of the most receptive, informative publicists I’ve ever worked with. He’s quick to respond with critical information, and always has relevant story ideas galore. He is truly the go-to man for referrals and sources, and I’m grateful to have him in my Rolodex.”
-Avital Binshtock, author, writer and editor  https://www.linkedin.com/in/avitalbinshtock

“Creative thinking, contacts everywhere and dogged determination are John’s hallmarks. No one does media placement better. Prepare to be highly publicized.”
– Author and attorney John Rapoport

“I have worked with top publicists for more than 30 years, and no one has the access to media or ability to create a newsworthy story that journalists want to use like John Goodman. His no-nonsense approach to media coverage is a refreshing change from those who promise big and deliver small.”
– Martin M. Cooper, President, Cooper Communications  www.linkedin.com/pub/marty-cooper/5/a38/783

“I’ve used John for various projects through the years and after I was interviewed by ABC’s Barbara Walters on “The View,” thanks to his efforts in making it happen, I can honestly say he delivers what he promises, something that definitely can’t be said about all publicists.”
– Author Eileen Goudge  eileengoudge.com

John’s the best in the business.”
– Dr. Bob Arnot, TV personality & author  www.linkedin.com/pub/dr-bob-arnot/12/538/648

“If you want lots of media coverage, John Goodman is your man. Nobody can get the word out better for you and your work than John.”
– Joseph Valerio, Producer, ESPN’s The Sports Reporters

“John is expert at selecting stories which work for my station … and he always delivers what he promises.  Always!”
– Crys Quimby, National Director of Programming at 24/7 News  http://totaltraffic.com/index.php/24-7-news-source

“John Goodman is a pro’s pro. He is the gold standard of his profession and understands that getting press and media is about precise targeting and makes it happen with long range vision and a deft touch that is rare in our industry. John’s professionalism and magnetic personality makes him an excellent choice to strategize and map out the media landscape.”
– Larry Kane, author, consultant, broadcaster  www.larrykane.com

“John not only knows how to connect the pr/media dots, he draws new dots…by creating opportunities for his clients and then following through with news coverage.”
– Harvey Hoffenberg, President and CEO, Propulsion LLC  www.propulsionllc.com

“John’s one of the best in the business.  I’ve worked with him numerous times over several years.  As a former producer and reporter, he understands what makes good journalism, which why he’s so great at helping me with sources for my stories.  He’s also simply a very nice guy—and persuasive.” 
– Geoff Williams, freelance journalist, author  www.linkedin.com/in/geoffwilliamswriter

“If you are looking for someone to get you the press you need, John is your guy! Has the contacts to get the job done and always keeps his ear to the rail. SocialSmarts has done very well thanks to his efforts.”
– Corinne Gregory, Founder of  Social Smarts  www.socialsmarts.com